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Cleanaway Lavington MRF opens its doors for National Recycling Week

Members of the local community learnt all about what happens to recycling after it leaves the kerbside in a series ...
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The Australasian recycling label and its impact on the commingled bin

Many Australians diligently recycle their packaging waste but figuring out which products to recycle can be confusing at times. To ...
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Top 10 items contaminating your recycling

Contamination can cause all your recycling efforts go to waste so learn about the top 10 items that do not belong ...
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Your commingled recycling questions, answered

Recycling isn’t as complicated as it seems. While some councils and businesses may have slightly different inclusions, the basics ...
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What is recycling contamination?

Commingled recycling makes it easy for households and businesses to recycle. However, putting the wrong things in the wrong bin ...
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Don’t complicate it, Simply5 it

If you've ever hesitated at the bin, wondering if something is recyclable, this is the perfect resource for you. This ...
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Go beyond the recycling bin this National Recycling Week

This National Recycling Week, Cleanaway wants to help you be a recycling superhero with some tricks and tips to make ...
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