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Cleanaway Ravenhall - Solid Waste Services


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Cleanaway Ravenhall landfill

Cleanaway Ravenhall is a landfill for residents and commercial customers from the broader Melbourne metro area. We accept general waste, inert waste, construction and demolition waste, quarantine waste, secure waste and deep burials.

In September 2017, Cleanaway completed major infrastructure upgrades to the renewal energy plant at the Melbourne Regional Landfill (MRL), boosting waste-to-energy capacity from 4.4Mw to 8.8Mw, and generating enough electricity to power more than 13,000 homes each year.

From air quality to the production of renewable energy and water quality, we work hard to ensure there is no unacceptable risk to the health of the local community. Part of what we do includes daily monitoring and visual inspections of the landfill area to remove any litter. We work hard at the site to reduce the impact of any odour on the local community by ensuring the landfill is capped with soil at the end of every day and we capture as much biogas as possible.

We inspect our site daily including the site boundaries and landfill surface, to quickly identify and address any issues. When organic matter decomposes a liquid called leachate is produced. We manage the leachate onsite so that it does not contaminate the local water supply by collecting and treating.

As part of Cleanaway’s commitment to resource recovery, we are proud to separate waste material for recycling and divert it away from landfill wherever possible. Speak to us for a quote or find out more information about our products and services.

* We do not accept liquid, hazardous waste or asbestos.
* We accept the following payment options: Cash, Credit, EFTPOS or Account.


  • Credit Card Surcharge: 0.8%
  • We do not accept Amex or Diners cards