Cleanaway Glendenning Liquid Waste Services

Cleanaway Glendenning Liquid Waste Services

Address: 8 Rayben Street, Glendenning, NSW, 2761
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Cleanaway Glendenning liquid waste services

Cleanaway Glendenning offers liquid waste solutions for businesses and industries in the great Sydney metropolitan area and southern NSW.

Our packaged hazardous waste and secured product destruction services include:

  • Collection, handling, treatment and disposal of packaged hazardous waste
  • EPA licensed facility and transporter
  • ATO under-bond license
  • Dangerous Goods storage and transport license
  • NATA credited laboratory for waste classification and assessment
  • Secured product destructions with 24/7 Back-to-Base CCTV monitoring and GPS tracking during transportation
  • 24 hours emergency and spill response with Hazmat certified technicians

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