Cleanaway Eastern Creek Solids Waste Services

Cleanaway Eastern Creek Solids Waste Services

Address: 1A Raffles Glade, Eastern Creek, NSW, 2766
Direct: 13 13 39

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Cleanaway Eastern Creek Solids Waste Services

Cleanaway’s Eastern Creek facility is custom built to process high quality recyclables from New South Wales’ container deposit scheme, Return and Earn. The scheme is the largest litter reduction scheme introduced in NSW, working towards reducing the volume of drink container litter in the state by 40% by 2020. Return and Earn has the potential to aid local councils by reducing costs associated with litter clean-up. For many communities, local organisations, charities and groups the scheme also represents an extra source of funding.

The Eastern Creek facility is equipped with a highly automated optical container sorting line. Our state-of-the-art technology detects the material type—glass, liquid paperboard, steel, plastic and aluminium— and sorts them accordingly, to be sold and recycled in both domestic and export markets.

More than three million containers are processed in the Eastern Creek facility everyday, and over two billion containers have been returned for recycling since 2018.

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