Cleanaway Delacombe Solid Waste Depot

Cleanaway Delacombe Solid Waste Depot

Address: 20 Douglas Street, Delacombe, VIC, 3350
Direct: 03 4334 3700

Opening Hours

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Mon 08:30–16:00
Tue 08:30–16:00
Wed 08:30–16:00
Thu 08:30–16:00
Fri 08:30–16:00
Sat Closed
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Closed: Weekends, General holidays (subject to change).

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Solid waste services for Ballarat

Locally based and operated, Cleanaway Delacombe has been a leader in waste management for over 10 years.

We offer front lift services for general and cardboard waste, rear lift for general waste and commingled recycling, and hook lift for cardboard, building waste, general waste and cardboard processing.

Through our network of partners, we also offer medical waste, sanitary, liquid waste (grease traps and triple interceptors) as well as general waste collection and recycling in Western Victoria.

Prices are based on services and locations as all our solutions are tailored to each individual request. Walk in for a free consultation, or to find out more about our products and services.