Cleanaway Dandenong South Solid Waste Depot

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Solid waste services

Cleanaway Dandenong South Solid Waste Depot

Services offered
Solid waste services

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Cleanaway Dandenong South Solid Waste Depot
Cleanaway Dandenong South Depot covers an area of 53,000 square meters and is a consolidation of Cleanaway’s business and operational teams, including the Victoria Post Collections leadership team, Commercial and Industrial and Municipal collections’ business, sales, administration, finance and fleet teams.
The site also houses two workshops designed for safe work involving repair and maintenance of our municipal, C&I and Cleanaway Daniels collection vehicles. The workshops are equipped with:
  • 20 spacious vehicle-compliant servicing bays
  • Six suspended ceiling pits allowing for efficient truck repair work
  • Brake test pit for accurate brake reading and testing
  • Two 30-tonne inground lifts, the first of its kind in Australia
  • 16-tonne crane to allow the lifting of bodies from trucks
  • Manual truck wash bay for heavy duty underbody washes
  • Truck refuelling area with 100,000-litre fuel capacity
  • Tyre fitting area complete with tyre fitting tools, wheel balancing equipment and tyre store
  • Light vehicle hoist
  • Two spare part stores
  • Designated truck body repair area
  • Workshop offices
Cleanaway Dandenong South Solid Waste Depot was built with sustainability in mind. This cutting-edge facility features the following green tech:
  • Energy efficient LED lighting across 164 on-site truck parking bays
  • Automatic truck wash that uses recycled water from the on-site 100,000-litre rainwater storage
  • Electric vehicle charging facilities

The double storey open plan office layout currently accommodates 170 staff with spacious working areas and ample amenities.

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