Greenius, the online learning portal by Cleanaway

A new way to learn about your bins

Greenius is the leading recycling e-learning platform for residents, councils, schools and businesses to reduce contamination and make the most of their waste services.

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Confused about recycling?

Are you like 1 in 3 Aussies who find recycling confusing?

Can’t find clear instructions on recycling?

Looking for an easy way to teach their kids about recycling?

Introducing Greenius – the online learning platform designed to help you recycle better and engage kids about sustainability. Featuring interactive games, quizzes and fun learning modules, Greenius is available for all residents in Australia with bin instructions tailored to your local area. No more confusing bin rules!

Greenius for businesses

Available to all Cleanaway customers, Greenius provides customised learning modules right down to a departmental or branch level. For large organisations, this is a convenient way to train all staff across different locations without breaking the bank.

Want to know more? Contact your account representative for more information if you’re a Cleanaway customer. Otherwise, contact us at 13 13 39 if you are interested in a Cleanaway service.

What makes Greenius special

  • Interactive and engaging learning modules that make recycling education fun including videos, quizzes, games and more
  • Suitable for all ages and roles from kids to parents, teachers to community leaders
  • No more confusion over bin rules – recycling advice is tailored to your local area. Just let us know your postcode before you start
  • Greenius for businesses is available for Cleanaway customers with fully customised learning modules tailored right down to a branch or department