Do you know what you’re wasting?

Reduce the weight of your general waste bin to optimise the cost of waste services

Save on costs

A lighter general waste bin is a cheaper general waste bin

Optimise your operations

Find out where and how you can reduce waste

Increase landfill diversion

Build your sustainability credentials

Cleanaway’s free waste system checks are tailored to suit individual businesses and premises. Delivered over the phone or in-person, these audits reveal more than just what’s going into your bins.

Our free waste system checks can help businesses:

  • Develop better waste disposal habits in your organisation or business
  • Identify waste items that can be recycled or recovered to increase diversion
  • Examine current waste disposal practices to reduce wastage and resource use
  • Discover supply chain optimisation opportunities to reduce wastage and resources
  • Engage employee participation in business sustainability goals

For large organisations

Regular waste health checks can single out supply chain and procurement issues to improve landfill diversion

For SMEs

Waste health checks can detect costly waste disposal practices and reduce the cost of your general waste bin

Education and community

Understanding how to use the waste hierarchy can increase diversion opportunities and improve recycling

Working with our customers to reduce waste

Cleanaway is doing ourselves out of a job at Officeworks Ringwood where they’ve increased their recycling rates so much, they no longer need a commercial general waste service. Today, the store can fit their weekly general waste into a single residential sized wheelie bin and are determined to continue their efforts to go completely waste free. We look forward to working with Officeworks to achieve their 90% recycling targets across their business with the help of our waste health checks and in-store education programs.

Why choose Cleanaway

Customised to your needs

Waste health checks can be conducted in-person or over the phone, depending on business needs and complexity


Solutions suggested are tailored to your business practices and requirements, with a focus on sustainability

Backed by experience

Our teams have extensive experience conducting waste health checks with a focus on safety


We are certified to ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and AS 4801 (OHS) standards, helping to reduce your risk profile