One bin packaging waste

Cleanaway offers a market-leading sustainable packaging waste management solution, making it easy for businesses of all sizes to recycle. Our one-bin packaging waste management solution is suitable for businesses that produce a lot of packaging waste like cardboard, paper, plastic wrap, and polystyrene.

Cleanaway's packaging waste solution

All businesses need to do is put their clean and dry packaging waste into the bin provided. Our collection service will then collect, sort and bale the materials – ready for domestic or export sale. Packaging waste collected in this manner are of a higher quality, maximising their value for resale. By simplifying the recycling process, we make it easy for your business to achieve your sustainability targets.

Cleanaway’s packaging waste recycling service is supported by the National Packaging Covenant – a government and industry initiative to reduce the negative environmental effects of packaging on our environment.

Eligible packaging waste

Our sustainable packaging waste service is a great solution for businesses of all sizes, and is best suited for businesses that produce a lot of packaging waste. This includes retailers with stocks that produce used packaging, as well as cardboard, paper, plastic film, pallet shrink and stretch wrap.

Our one-bin service includes:

Cardboard & paper waste

Recycling your cardboard and paper waste helps you save money by reducing the weight of your general waste bin while diverting waste from landfill.

We guarantee that 100% of the paper and cardboard collected will be recycled at our state-of-the-art facilities.

Plastic packaging waste

Available in select locations, plastic packaging waste makes for a higher grade of recyclable products when separated from other plastics and protected from liquids. The following items are accepted in our one-bin packaging waste solution:

  • Plastic film
  • Pallet shrink wrap
  • Stretch wrap
  • Polystyrene packaging (must be bagged)

Case study: TAFE NSW

If you ever experience a packaging dilemma like TAFE NSW, then our waste packaging service will be perfect for you.

TAFE NSW’s ICT department had a polystyrene foam backlog that was difficult to recycle. We suggested our waste packaging solution which allowed them to recycle more in a shorter time. TAFE would collect smaller pieces of packaging in bright orange bins before bagging and placing them in dedicated Cleanaway skips.

The larger pieces were placed directly into the skips to prevent the packaging from crumbling into pieces or being blown away in transit. Cleanaway collected this weekly, sorting and baling the materials at our Moorebank facility to be sold as a recyclable commodity.

We discovered that TAFE NSW could also recycle their pallet wrap and plastic strapping – further contributing to achieving their sustainability goals. Today, TAFE is looking to expand this project to other Metro campuses in TAFE NSW.

Why Cleanaway?

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