Lonsdale Waste & Recycling Depot

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Good Friday, Easter Sunday, ANZAC Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, & New Year’s Day (subject to change)

List of Services

Skip & Hook Lift Bins for Hire
Asbestos waste transportation
Green waste removal
Concrete recycling
Vegetation mulching equipment for hire
Recycled aggregate products
Commercial and household recycling


Cleanaway Lonsdale Waste and Recycling Depot (formerly SA Waste) offers complete resource recovery, recycling, and waste management services to the public, industry and councils. Services include general waste collection, builder’s demolition waste, recycling & disposal.


Our Lonsdale dump optimises resource recovery by collecting kerbside materials such as metals, plastics, paper, cardboard and glass to be separated for recycling.

  • Lengths of timber and steel are separated and sorted ready for recycled.
  • Unwanted metals are separated and sorted for sale to scrap metal merchants.
  • Old furniture and household goods are separated and recycled where possible.
  • Garden organic wastes are separated and prepared for mulching and composting.
  • Concrete and other building rubble are separated and prepared for crushing and recycling.

*Please contact us for more information about our Lonsdale dump fees.



Bottles & cans recycling: 8:00am to 4:00pm (7 days)

Non-ferrous metal recycling: 8:00am to 4:00pm (7 days)




Environment Protection License


Public demands and government regulations require new standards in safety and convenience of waste disposal facilities. Enlightened public administrators are banning general public access to landfill tip faces for obvious occupational health and safety reasons.


Here the public are able to dispose of unwanted materials in a safe and convenient location. All public access areas are sealed, and traffic movement is designed to minimise risk and maximise efficiency.


In addition, other materials are separated for salvage or recycling and it is these materials that the major gains are made in waste reduction.


SA Waste Lonsdale is now Cleanaway Lonsdale

Cleanaway recognised the need for better disposal and recycling options for residents in the south of Adelaide.

Cleanaway Lonsdale dump and recycling depot provides expertise in all aspects of resource recovery, waste minimisation and waste management. All Lonsdale recycling, vegetation grinding, waste transportation, and Lonsdale skip bins services continue as normal.


About SA Waste: History and Highlights

S.A. Waste Management Pty. Ltd. (SAWM) was founded and developed by executive directors Robert Rodato and Raymond Valentini. SAWM is a specialist waste transfer and recycling management company with a history of genuine and consistent commitment to resource recovery by way of recycling and is a market leader in green waste treatment, concrete crushing and waste bin services.


The directors of SAWM have been involved in the waste industry for more than thirty years and together they manage the strategic and day to day operations. The company, which bases its operations in South Australia, is proudly South Australian and currently employ 60 South Australian staff.


SAWM is environmentally conscious, proven by its unblemished record and excellent rapport with the E.P.A. SAWM offers a range of waste management solutions and services to Local Government and private industry.


The company’s growth and success are attributed to Robert & Ray’s ‘hands on’ approach to running the business. Working closely with their staff and maintaining close contact with their customer base.


S.A. Waste Management Pty. Ltd. (SAWM) commenced its development providing specialist waste collection services to households and the construction industry.


In 1990 the principals established a transfer station in the southern area of Adelaide. Trading as Lonsdale Waste & Recycling Depot, the transfer station set new standards for waste management and disposal and was an immediate success. Within twelve months it was necessary to double the on-site waste handling capacity.


In 1992 a second company was incorporated (Adelaide Vegetation Mulching Services Pty. Ltd.). This company was incorporated to handle the vegetation waste problem in S.A. After extensive travel around Australia investigating plant and procedures, an industrial tub grinder was imported from the United States and an excellent service was put in place, handling most of the mobile mulching requirements of South Australia. With its mobility as a major feature, it is able to handle onsite grinding requirements for all Government and business needs.


In 1997 an application for a composting licence was made. An E.P.A. approved licence for the composting of green organics was granted in 1998. The licence is for the treatment and composting of green waste on a location at Liston Road, Lonsdale.


Concrete crushing recycling was established in 1997.


In 1999 SAWM launched its new arm of waste bin services. The business has continued to experience strong growth where now we can cater for a large cross section of consumer demands for waste removal. The Directors, Raymond Valentini and Robert Rodato, insist on the maintenance of good business practices and the development of strong business relationships as a core value of their enterprise.


In 2006 SAWM made the acquisition of Welland Waste and Recycling Depot and Adelaide Mini Bins. Bin service and operations moved to the new site at Welland. This acquisition strengthened SAWM’s position in the market by allowing greater volume and capacity for resource recovery and providing a central location, cutting, dispatch and delivery trucks for easier truck movement providing our customers with a quicker, more efficient service.


Our latest acquisition was made in 2013 when the directors took ownership of Oz Mini Bins. A skip bins Lonsdale company with a high presence in the Southern areas of Adelaide.


In 2014 SAWM purchased a mobile shredder. Capable of shredding anything from paper & cardboard to truck tyres and mattresses, this piece of machinery enforces our drive to reduce waste to landfill.


We have developed expertise in all aspects of resource recovery, waste minimisation, and waste management and have spent many years developing this detailed understanding of the industry and building networks of industry practitioners.


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