Inkerman Landfill, SA

Status: Operational


You don’t normally think of the phrase ‘state-of-the-art’ when referring to landfill sites, but that’s precisely how the industry talks about our site at Inkerman, South Australia. Located 85 kms from Adelaide, Inkerman landfill services a range of transfer stations in the city’s north and beyond. The landfill accepts a broad range of non-recyclable materials, including domestic waste, construction and demolition waste, non-friable asbestos, shredded tyres and quarantine waste.


The site currently takes in approximately 250,000 tonnes of landfill a year. While that number sounds big, the amount of material that is now repurposed, reused or recycled is considerably higher. Our Inkerman landfill was awarded the Landfill Excellence Award at the 2015 Waste Management Association of Australia Awards thanks to our best practice containment and control systems, and our engineering-grade, site-based GPS system, among other things.


The site has been operational for over a decade. The fact that it is winning awards today is testament to our commitment to continuous improvement, innovation and development initiatives.