Education Sustainability

What everyone should know about landfill levies

Next year Queensland will reintroduce a landfill levy, joining New South Wales, ACT, Western Australia, Victoria and South Australia who already have levies in place.   What do levies mean for sustainability and why are they necessary?   A landfill levy is a tax applied to waste types by weight, that is designed to incentivise […]

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Community Latest News

Indigenous bin artwork in Esperance

Kevin Neale, Branch Manager at Cleanaway’s Esperance branch, recently worked with members of Esperance Community Arts to have a skip bin decorated for local NAIDOC celebrations. The branch painted the skip black, to provide a backdrop to the artwork, and Kevin delivered it to the arts centre.       Esperance artists Jennell Reynolds and […]

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Innovation Sustainability

How to remove large amounts of liquid waste

What does it take to remove over 12 million litres of brine water from a pond? Over 4500 man hours 2400 machine hours A dedicated team working around the clock Our vacuum loading trucks   A customer approached the Toxfree team to quickly mobilise a team to empty and clean a large brine pond. The […]

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What is non-destructive digging?

While investment in infrastructure is good for stimulating the economy and improving quality of life, its impact on the environment and communities must also be considered. To minimise the potential impact of infrastructure projects on the environment and the community non-destructive digging (NDD) is an effective and safe alternative to conventional digging, or jackhammers and […]

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