Sign up for Direct Debit payments

Sign up for Direct Debit payments

Cleanaway's Direct Debit facility will ensure your waste management services are paid on time, every time. Email your signed and completed form to to get started.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the cut-off date to submit a Direct Debit form?
    The Direct Debit forms need to be received before the 24th of each month to allow for the details to be updated. Forms received on the 24th will not be processed until the next Direct Debit run.

  2. Can new and existing customers sign up for Direct Debit?
    Yes, new and existing customers can sign up for Direct Debit.

  3. If a new customer who requests to be set up for Direct Debit without a customer number known, is this possible?
    Yes. The sales staff can provide the Direct Debit form to the customer and Shared Services will source the customer account details once set up in the Billing system. The customer must provide their ABN number on the Direct Debit form to facilitate this request.

  4. If I sign up for Direct Debit, will I still receive my invoice/s?
    Yes, the invoice will still be sent via the delivery method requested, email or post.

  5. When will the Direct Debit be deducted from my savings or cheque account?
    Following the provision of your invoice, the direct debit will be deducted monthly on the 24th or next working day should this fall on a non-business day.

  6. What happens if my invoice amount changes each month?
    The direct debit deduction is calculated on your invoice amount, even if it changes month to month.

  7. If I have an invoice in dispute will this be debited?
    No, any invoice in dispute will not be debited until the dispute has been resolved.

  8. Will I be charged a fee if the direct debit is rejected by the bank?
    Yes, refer to Clause 7 (c) on the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement (DDRSA).

  9. Will I be contacted if the direct debit is rejected by the bank?
    Yes. A Cleanaway team member will contact to advise that the bank has rejected the debit and provide other payment options.

  10. Will I receive Late Payment Fee charges?
    No, there will be no Late Payment Fee charged to the account if the direct debit occurs successfully.

  11. Where do I send the Direct Debit (DDR) Request form, and is this a secure email address?
    Send completed and signed request to – This is a secured email address.

  12. What happens to my Direct Debit (DDR) Request form once emailed?
    The Direct Debit (DDR) Request form is processed and stored within a secure location.

  13. What if I want to cancel, suspend, alter or dispute the Direct Debit, who do I contact?
    Email your discontinuation notice to Alternatively contact 1800 215 374 to speak with a Cleanaway team member.