Sewer & Drain Cleaning

From sewers to stormwater drains, mains lines, industrial pipes and drains, Cleanaway provide comprehensive cleaning services for any sized system.


Our large fleet of dedicated high pressure water cleaning units and combination vacuum loading units can remove a range of materials from sewers and drains including tree roots, debris, deposits, filtrates, sediment, silt, grease and sludge. Our mobile cleaning and recycling units not only remove debris from pipes, but recycle wastewater onsite to aid the cleaning process and further reduce the volume of waste needing to be disposed of at a licensed facility.


Drawing on our range of specialist equipment and technology, our skilled operators can provide flexible and scheduled drain cleaning services. Our highly trained team and proficient equipment enables us to handle an impressive range of tasks and challenges:

  • Sewer and drain cleaning
  • CCTV inspection and reporting
  • Pipe and tube cleaning
  • Root cutting
  • Trunk cleaning
  • Jetting of tank and culverts
  • Well surveys
  • Tank and vessel surveying
  • Culvert surveying