Partnering with Brisbane for resource recovery


July 2, 2018

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On July 1 2018, Cleanaway and Brisbane City Council (BCC) officially launched the Resource Recovery Innovation Alliance (RRIA) at Brisbane’s Rochedale Landfill.


Resource Recovery Innovation Alliance


The partnership was made official by Cleanaway CEO Vik Bansal and Councillor Vicki Howard, the chair of Field Services for Brisbane City Council.



Cleanaway will provide BCC with post-collection and haulage services, operating four of Brisbane’s Resource Recovery Centres. Together with Cleanaway’s Queensland Solid Waste Services, the Alliance is expected to manage over half a million tonnes of waste and recyclables annually, supported by a fleet of 18 transfer trailers, yellow gear equipment and 69 new employees.



The launch marked the end of a 2-year procurement, tender and mobilisation process, led by Alliance Operation Manager Doug Hughes who helped ensure a smooth transition from the previous 20-year contract. CEO Vik Bansal thanked the mobilisation team, suppliers and equipment partners for completing one of the largest resource recovery projects in Australia.


The Queensland Solid Waste Services team led by Justin Howard, Cleanaway Queensland General Manager Neil Perry and the RRIA team were also commended for their role in successfully mobilising the project. The operations phase will now be led by Alliance Operation Manager Ben Arthur.


Vik commented on the significance of the partnership – Australia’s largest waste management and recycling company with Australia’s largest local government, coming together to provide key services to the people of Brisbane.


BCC and Cleanaway share a common set of values, both working towards:

  • prioritising Safety at all times
  • Owning roles and responsibilities
  • working as one Team
  • displaying Agility to achieve solutions
  • being Proud to service the people of Brisbane.


The Alliance is an example of Cleanaway’s commitment to our Footprint 2025 and Brisbane City Council’s Vision 2031, aiming to support the community with world class waste management infrastructure to improve resource recovery.


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