Working together to create sustainable communities


October 17, 2017

Tags: Karlayura, RAP

A newly formed joint venture was launched in October 2017 between Australia’s largest waste management company, Cleanaway, and Karlayura Group, a civil and mining infrastructure project management company who deliver conveyor maintenance services, and supplies both skilled and unskilled local Aboriginal labour for civil and mining projects.

Karlayura Group is a proudly 100% Aboriginal owned profit-for-purpose business, created by well-respected local loreman Brian Tucker. Karlayura Group’s mission is to get ‘family’ back on country, preserve Aboriginal cultural traditions, and develop strong and self-sustaining communities.

The Karlayura Cleanaway joint venture is a majority Aboriginal-owned business, started in the Pilbara. It is a partnership formed with the fundamental aim of working together to develop sustainable communities.

From left to right: Regina Glover – Karlayura Operations Manager; Johanna Birgersson – Cleanaway General Manager HR; Georgina Tucker – wife of Brian Tucker; Reg Yarran – Cleanaway National Aboriginal Engagement Advisor; David Williamson – General Manager, Solid Waste Services WA; and Brian Tucker – Karlayura Director and Founder.

Cleanaway CEO and Managing Director, Vik Bansal, said, “Karlayura and Cleanaway have joined forces to maximise opportunities for local communities in the Pilbara with a particular focus on providing sustainable employment and business opportunities for local Aboriginal people, while respecting the need to preserve Aboriginal cultural traditions.

“The partnership is set up to promote collaboration, and to collectively discuss and facilitate initiatives that improve direct employment and, where possible, business development,” Vik said.

The Karlayura Cleanaway joint venture has been built on principles supporting Cleanaway’s Reconciliation Action Plan, and is committed to:

  • Building strong relationships within local communities
  • Respecting heritage and culture
  • Creating real opportunities via direct and indirect employment
  • Education and training
  • Aboriginal business development, and
  • Cultural support and awareness.

Of the joint venture, Brian Tucker said, “We’re excited about the opportunities that working with Cleanaway will create for building capacity and creating employment in local communities, but also to improve conditions for Indigenous Australians in the long term.

“By partnering with Karlayura Group, Cleanaway is working with a proven team who have delivered projects for the biggest names in Australian mining and civil construction, while making a real difference to the future of the people who have lived on the land for countless generations,” Brian added.

Cleanaway has a strong commitment to working collaboratively with Traditional Owners across Western Australia, and has formed several partnerships with Aboriginal Corporations, focused on providing employment and business development opportunities while increasing genuine engagement with local communities to work together for a sustainable future.