Buzzing with sustainability at UTS


April 26, 2019


Cleanaway’s recent DIY beeswax wrap stall at University of Technology Sydney attracted almost 100 participants, demonstrating a simple and fun alternative to single-use plastic packaging.

Our NSW Education team members Rebecca Evered, Evelyn Hwang and Jess Arundell came armed with beeswax beads, pieces of cotton fabric, rolls of baking paper and irons to demonstrate just how easy it is to create reusable beeswax wraps.

“Beeswax wraps are a great alternative to plastic shrink wraps,” explained Education Manager Rebecca Evered. “Besides covering leftover food, they can also be used as a sandwich wrap for eating on-the-go, as a snack pocket and even for wrapping bouquets of flowers.”

UTS were delighted with the successful engagement event, commending the team on how well-organised the stand was and the high level of positive response from participants. In particular they were pleased with how easy it was to engage with for both staff and students, international students and participants with English as a second language. Seb Crawford from UTS said, “The stall provided lots of opportunities for conversation about broader sustainability around waste and consumer choice.”

Sustainable beeswax wraps in all its reusable glory

Jess showing how beeswax wraps can be made using only fabric and beeswax beads

Evelyn demonstrating how quick swipes of a hot iron can help set melted beeswax unto the fabric

UTS students having a go at making their own beeswax wrap

Reusable bottles and lunch boxes also make good alternatives to single-use plastic

The team also had other single-use plastic alternatives on hand and tips on how to manage waste in our daily lives.

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