Supporting the Townsville community


March 6, 2019

Tags: Sponsorship

The Cleanaway team led by Human Resources EGM, Joh Birgersson recently visited Townsville, which was inundated by flood waters in February. Cleanaway made a donation to support the affected areas through GIVIT’s Queensland Floods Appeal.

Together with Chris Ashton (Solid Waste Regional Manager), the team made several stops in the city, including Garbutt’s Community Gro. During the floods, Garbutt experienced knee-height water, with many families affected – particularly by the rising damp following the floods. Part of Cleanaway’s donation was used by Community Gro to provide fridges, a mattress, clothing and gift vouchers to families affected by the floods.

Cleanaway team members and their families who were affected by the floods were also supported with supplies and donations.

Cleanaway operates Solids and Liquids sites in Townsville, Burdekin and Bowen, and is a long-standing service provider to the region. Following the floods, Cleanaway teams deployed bins, vehicles, labour and other related services to assist with the clean-up efforts.

Earlier in the month, eight 12 and 30 cubic metre bulk bins were deployed and placed in strategic locations, one of which was used by the Army to deliver aid to a remote site at Hervey Range that was completely cut off by the flood waters.


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