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Top sustainability posts from 2017

Resource Recovery

January 16, 2018


2017 saw a huge focus on waste and recycling with ABC’s War on Waste series, the launch of the container deposit scheme in NSW and some fierce debate about moving waste across borders.

Check out the top five topics that had our audience talking:

Post #1: Getting “egg-cited” over aluminium recycling
To make sure not a single Easter egg went to waste we created a video on recycling aluminium foil. More than 11,000 followers who viewed our video on Facebook now know that the foil is 100% recyclable.

Post #2: A truly 360° view of container deposit schemes
Our 360° infographic highlights the benefits of container deposit schemes and how it helps reduce litter from streets, parks and waterways. This is especially relevant in 2018 as Return and Earn goes from strength to strength in NSW, and other states investigate similar schemes.

Post #3: Styrofoam is NOT accepted by the majority of councils in Australia!
As part of our National Recycling Week initiative, we created a series of posts to clear up common misconceptions around recycling. This post about styrofoam recycling sparked some healthy conversations and reinforced the advice to avoid using styrofoam altogether.

Post #4: Know your triangles
We discovered that while our followers are aware about the triangular recycling symbols on plastics, many do not know what they mean. Our post explains how triangle symbols represent the different types of plastic, and not all can be recycled through your kerbside bin.

Post #5: Metro Arts’ “Lift the Lift” Campaign – Everyone’s generosity is uplifting!
Metro Arts aimed to crowdfund $14,000 to modernise their 77-year-old elevator housed within their heritage-listed building, fondly known as the Old Broad. We’re proud of the community’s involvement to help raise funds to ensure better mobility for patrons and artists.

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