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How well do you know your waste?


November 21, 2018


Replacing under-desk waste bins with centralised bins is a good start for sustainability in the workplace but is your business still letting good recycling go to waste?

Cleanaway can review the waste streams your business produces to reduce cost and increase recycling rates. We work closely with our customers to sort materials at the source and can recommend customised solutions to help your business increase overall sustainability rates, beginning with a waste audit.

If you already have a well-designed waste management system in your workplace, download this recycling quiz to reinforce positive bin behaviour in the office. This quiz assumes a three-bin system with a dedicated paper and cardboard recycling service by Cleanaway. Answers to the quiz are included below.

Recycling quiz teaser

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Quiz answers

  1. Paper towels
    Used paper towels always go into the general waste bins. They are often mixed with food waste, grease and bodily fluids, which makes them unsuitable for recycling.
  2. Food wrappers
    Chocolate wrappers and chip packets go into the general waste bins, especially if they have food residue. Encourage your colleagues to go nude food instead.
  3. Coffee cups
    Coffee cups are unrecyclable in most places, so unless you’ve heard differently from your waste management provider, these go straight into general waste. Switch to a reusable cup instead.
  4. Milk & juice cartons
    Like your kerbside collection milk and juice cartons can be recycled in the commingled bin. Remember to give them a quick rinse so there is no residue left.
  5. Newspapers, magazines and paper
    These go into your paper and cardboard bin. You can even recycle windowed envelopes in the same bin.
  6. Polystyrene cups and packaging
    Most polystyrene cups and packaging are rigid type 6 plastics, so you can definitely recycle them in your business’ or workplace bins. Like milk and juice cartons, rinse them before recycling.
  7. Plastic cutlery
    These go into the general waste recycling bins. Plastic cutlery is too small to be sorted correctly at the Material Recycling Facilities (MRFs), making them unrecyclable. Switch to reusable cutlery instead.
  8. Takeaway containers
    Most rigid takeaway food containers can be recycled in the commingled bin. Make sure they are clean, dry and empty.

Contact us today for a no-obligation waste assessment and enquire about our one-bin packaging waste solution for businesses.

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