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Finding the right sustainable gift


December 18, 2017


Looking for a gift that’s sustainable, environmentally-friendly and affordable? Look no further! Our list of sustainable gifts will get you inspired.

For the coffee and tea lovers

You can’t go wrong with a reusable cup. These come in a variety of sizes and features to fit your needs. For a cup that’s truly sustainable and practical, we recommend Clean Up Australia’s collapsible pocket coffee cup. It’s perfect for the coffee and tea lover who’s always on the go, as it fits neatly into a bag and more importantly, under standard barista machine heads.

For the sippers

There’s nothing better than a cold drink on a hot day, but single-use plastic straws are some of the most damaging plastics on the planet. If your recipient loves sipping through a straw, then consider giving them a pack of lovely reusable rose gold stainless steel straws. They’re easy to clean and go wonderfully cold when stuck in an icy drink.

For the kids

A water balloon fight is the perfect way to cool down on a hot day, especially for kids. However, the aftermath often leaves much plastic pieces behind which may make its way into our oceans. These reusable water balloons by Tammy of Gippsland Unwrapped are a good project for those who love to crochet and knit, and they’ll provide hours of fun.

For the picnickers

Did you know that reusable picnic basket sets exist? These sets often have completely reusable cutlery and partitions to store drinks and food, much like the Clean Up Australia Picnic Set. The only thing you’ll need to do is pack the actual food. If your recipient’s an explorer (see below), it will make a great 2-in-1 gift for the season.

For the explorers

Instead of getting them a physical gift, consider gifting an experience. A day trip to a sustainable spa, an eco-friendly wine tour, museum outings and dinner at a nice restaurant are some examples of a simple and environmentally-friendly present that won’t cost too much. Plus, the memories will far outlast a physical gift.

For the one’s who have already got everything

Being sustainable isn’t just about the environment – it’s about supporting the local community too. Make a donation to a charity or buy a voucher from a charity, social enterprise or shop that stocks sustainable goods.

Have a gift suggestion that’s not covered here? Share your thoughts with us on social media with the hashtag #sustainablefuture.