Cleanaway Somersby Depot Open Day 2018

Resource Recovery

December 7, 2018

Tags: Drivers

Over 400 residents attended Cleanaway Somersby Depot’s Open Day to celebrate National Recycling Week 2018. For families, kids and garbo fans, it was the perfect opportunity to get up close with our Cleanaway trucks while learning about recycling and sustainability.

Young garbo fans attending a front lift truck demo.

Truck enthusiasts as young as three years old lining up for a go at the driver’s seat.

Sustainability Manager Rebecca Evered’s children looking adorable with their mini bins and Mr Yellow, the mascot.

Remember Tycen, one of our garbo truck superfans? Here he is, pictured wearing his own creation – a Cleanaway Garbo Fan shirt.

A Cleanaway team member posing with Mr Yellow.

Prizes were on hand for those who recycled right on the recycling quiz.

A big thank you to everyone who made the event a success!

Council Representatives – Jodi Brown, James Lawson and Glen Pestell

From Cleanaway – Tony Davidson, Angelo Combatti, Rebecca Evered, Edward Santos (as Mr Yellow!), Danielle Walker, Denise Huirua, Jason Oxley, John VanLaar, Leesa Hajduck, Ann Reeves, Yanni Willis, Joanne Hill and drivers Michael Skillicorn, James Hinton, Josh Eastburn, Simon Lowery and Ian Hankinson.

Mark Tildesley and the Cleanaway North Wyong Depot for supplying two commercial vehicles and drivers for the demonstration.

The Somersby depot workshop team who set up the trucks, ensured the yard was clean and safe, and assisted with the cleaning up after.