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Transform these single use plastics to multi-use ideas


August 9, 2017


It’s easy to say no (new) single use plastic during Plastic Free July, but what do you do with the various single use plastics you already have or the ones you cannot avoid? The answer is to transform them into multiple use plastics. Here are some ideas on what you can do:

Turn plastic bags into yarn

Plastic bags don’t decompose in nature but they can be turned into plastic yarn, otherwise known as plarn. You can then crochet or knit with them as you do normal yarn, using all your favourite knitting and crochet patterns. Just remember, plastic melts at high temperatures so plarn shouldn’t be used for items like tea cosies or pot holders.

If you’re looking for inspiration, 1Million Women Australia has an excellent tutorial on turning your plarn into sleeping mats for the homeless.

Wash and reuse

Instead of throwing away your plastic take away or deli containers, just give them a wash and use them again. These single use plastics are stronger than you think, and can be used as a spare lunch box or leftover food container should you leave yours at home. They are also excellent containers for nude food.

Reuse plastic lunch bags

If you’ve already bought plastic lunch bags, don’t throw them out. Use them again for tomorrow’s lunch or freeze your leftovers for tomorrow’s meal. You can also use them to store smaller items when you travel, such as toiletries.

Repurpose containers and cutlery

The durability of plastic makes it an excellent craft material. You can repurpose almost every single use plastic item in your home into something gorgeous or functional, such as:

These craft ideas are also great family-friendly activities, making them a great opportunity to talk about sustainability with your loved ones and friends.

Making a sustainable future possible requires us to rethink the way we live, and Plastic Free July is a great opportunity to do just that. A small change in your lifestyle can leave a big impact on our environment. Share your journey and your ideas with us online with the hashtags #sustainablefuture and #plasticfreejuly.