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Meet Sinead Nolan, woman behind the wheels

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July 10, 2019


Meet Sinead Nolan, Cleanaway’s side-lift truck driver who’s leading the way for women in waste with her love for all things waste management.

Sinead has been driving with Cleanaway within the City of Greater Geelong (CoGG) for five years. No stranger to the waste management industry, she initially drove trucks for a hygiene service provider before making the transition to Cleanaway. “I needed a change. As Australia’s leading waste management company, Cleanaway seemed like a perfect fit,” said Sinead of her decision to join Cleanaway.

As a driver, a typical day at work for Sinead starts with a thorough vehicle check in the morning. “This is a crucial daily task that’s done every morning before I start my run. As a team, we make safety a priority for each other and for the communities around us.” She also makes it a point to catch up with the other drivers before starting her run.

“One of the most enjoyable things about my job is meeting the residents and their children. One memorable highlight was meeting two adorable children, Minnie and Monty, during my Thursday runs,” Sinead reminisced with a smile. “Sometimes they’d bake me cookies, made me drawings and lots of cuddles. Seeing their cheery faces early in the morning would brighten up anyone’s day! I also love seeing all the kids waving during my runs – those are priceless experiences I look forward to each day.”

Cleanaway Sinead Nolan

Being a woman in a male-dominated industry does not faze Sinead. Although Sinead thoroughly enjoys life on the road and being her own boss, she looks forward to getting together with her team every day. “I love getting to work with my team members and being a part of the Cleanaway team. I find it very fulfilling.”

When asked about what could be done to encourage more female drivers in the industry, Sinead had this to say: “It would be great to implement a traineeship for women to open up more opportunities. To really drive change in the industry, I think we need more job recruitment advertising with women as the key figure.”

“People should know that this is a proper career choice, even for women, and that proper training courses are easily available all across Australia.”

Outside of work, Sinead enjoys spending time with her friends, family members and dog. She sees herself still going on strong at her job in the future while living life to the fullest.

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