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Our checklist for businesses to optimise their waste services while creating a safe and hygienic environment for staff and customers.

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June 23, 2020


If you are in the hospitality, events and tourism sectors, you need to consider your waste profile both in the office and in areas frequented by visitors. Are you generating more or less waste because of COVID-19?


If you are in the hospitality, events and tourism sectors, you need to consider your waste profile both in the office and in areas frequented by visitors. Are you generating more or less waste because of COVID-19?

Regaining customer confidence and assuring staff of safety are the top priorities for businesses planning for reopening and growth after COVID-19 shutdowns. This is especially true for hotels, retailers and event organisers who manage large numbers of customers on site. Here’s how these businesses can plan to reopen safely while reducing the cost of doing business.

Cleaning and disinfection

Outbreaks and the resulting shutdowns could actually cost businesses more in lost revenue than investing in regular sanitisation of high traffic areas. Cleaning and decontamination of high traffic spaces can stop harmful diseases from spreading amongst staff and visitors.

Parks, hotels, event grounds and other large open spaces can be labour-intensive and expensive for maintenance staff to sanitise manually. Businesses would also have to invest in the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure that staff are protected. This is where a large-scale decontamination service can get the job done in a fraction of the time and cost while being equally, if not more, effective.

Cleanaway’s decontamination service uses a highly effective misting technology developed with Hammelmann Australia and Enviromist to kill more than 99.99% of harmful microorganisms on surfaces. A fogging nozzle is attached to our specialised fleet of trucks to mist large areas of open space efficiently, supported by a team on the ground to get to hard-to-reach areas behind equipment or sidewalks.

Book a decontamination service tailored to your premises here. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, we offer a flexible servicing schedule outside of regular business hours including weekends to minimise disruptions to your business.

Bathroom hygiene and sanitation

As more people enter public and shared spaces, staff and visitors must maintain high levels of personal hygiene by washing our hands often to minimise transmission. It goes without saying that keeping the staff and visitor bathrooms clean is essential to prevent outbreaks and to create a pleasant environment. It’s a good idea to place reminders in the bathroom and use automatic soap dispensers to reduce contact and infection risk.

Cleanaway’s bathroom hygiene and sanitation services include installation and maintenance of automatic hand soap dispensers as well as touchless sanitary pad bins, reducing surface contact while making for a comfortable and clean experience.

Learn more about bathroom hygiene and book a service today.

Check your grease traps and septic tanks

When was the last time you had your water systems, tanks and grease traps serviced? The last thing you want when reopening for business is to experience an emergency overflow caused by blocked pipes and stuffed tanks. If your business was closed and you were unable to schedule a service during the stay-at-home restrictions, checking your grease traps should be on top of the to-do list before reopening.

Schedule a grease trap service instead of relying on an on-call emergency service. Emergency pump out services can cost four times more than a scheduled service, not including the clean-up cost and fine from the local water authority.

Under a scheduled agreement, grease traps can be serviced at your convenience, during off-peak or non-business hours, with minimal interruption to your operations.

Learn more and book a grease trap cleaning or septic waste disposal service.

Get your waste services in order

If you’re in the hospitality, events and tourism sectors, you need to consider your waste profile both in the office and in areas frequented by visitors. Are you generating more or less waste because of COVID-19? Has your waste profile changed because of a new service, supplier or way of doing business?

Engage with your waste services provider for a waste health check or audit. A reputable provider can help you know exactly what’s going in your bin, where it comes from and how to better manage the whole process.

Businesses have reported increased savings by employing new waste management technologies, source-sorting waste materials into common streams, and by reviewing current collection systems with their waste management provider. See our work with an established action park in the case study below.

Freeing up administrative time in favour of managing your business is crucial in these challenging times. A single point of contact for services such as general waste, recycling, grease trap cleaning, bathroom hygiene and regular decontamination gives you better value for money without the pressure of having to deal with multiple service providers, contracts, invoicing and communications. Our total waste management services provides all your waste services, decontamination and sanitary needs under a single agreement.

Read more about optimising the cost of doing business during COVID-19 here and sign up for a free, no-obligation waste health check here.

Visitor and staff waste education

Is your bin signage clear enough to minimise confusion? Do you have separate recycling bins (clearly marked) for common waste streams like food waste, commingled recycling and general waste?

Put up signs and educational material advising staff and visitors about proper sanitisation and waste management. This includes clear signage for waste disposal and recycling and reminding everyone to wash or sanitise their hands after touching bins.

Businesses with a Cleanaway service can contact their account managers to learn more about our bin signage and tailored education programs. Cleanaway also offers Greenius, a customisable online education portal that can be tailored to individual branches, departments and teams. This ensures waste and recycling compliance throughout your organisation without the hassle of having to manage the whole process.

Learn more about our online waste education portal Greenius.

Case study: an outdoor adventure park in NSW

An established recreational park had been operating in the South Coast of NSW for more than 40 years. They are committed to sustainability and wanted to cement their commitment by increasing recycling rates. Our education team stepped in to provide a waste health check under the NSW Bin Trim program.

Through the initial assessment, the team provided an ambitious action plan that resulted in the park authorities running a trial for a new bin system. Bin signage was revised and updated, bins with see-through grids were created to encourage recycling of bottles and cans, while food waste bins were also introduced.

The park also made the switch to compostable packaging so that it can be disposed of in food waste bins found in the park.

To maximise waste stream recovery and landfill diversion rates, public awareness of the new bin system and compostable packaging was raised through the new bin signage, announcements of the change through a loud speaker, as well as flyers around the park’s entrance and canteen.

Contact us today to for a free, no obligation waste health check.