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Cleanaway completes renewable energy plant upgrade in Melbourne

Resource Recovery

February 23, 2018

Tags: MRL, Landfill

In September 2017, Cleanaway completed major infrastructure upgrades to the renewal energy plant at the Melbourne Regional Landfill (MRL), boosting waste-to-energy capacity from 4.4Mw to 8.8Mw, and generating enough electricity to power more than 13,000 homes each year.

As waste decomposes at the MRL, it releases landfill gas – a potent greenhouse gas. This gas is collected through an extensive network of pipes and transported to the onsite Biogas Plant. The flammable components of the gas, especially methane, are then disposed of, usually by ‘flaring’ the gas. Learn more about turning landfill gas to power in our detailed article here.

Cleanaway recently installed landfill gas generators that combust the gas, destroy the methane, before converting it into electricity to be sent to the national grid. They have an uptime rate of 90%, which means we’re providing renewable energy into the electricity grid 24 hours a day, all year round.

Nationally, Cleanaway collects 120 million cubic metres of landfill gas every year, which is converted into more than 130 million kWh of renewable energy, enough to power an average of 27,000 homes.

Cleanaway is committed to investing in renewable energy technologies to ensure that even residual waste can still be a valuable resource. Visit our Sustainable Future hub to learn more.