Are you having the right conversation about plastic?


June 24, 2019


From just a few participants in Western Australia in 2011, Plastic Free July has grown into a worldwide movement with millions of people across 170 countries. Plastic Free July aims to encourage people to be more aware of their plastic use by supporting behaviour change.

This year, we are keen to lift the conversation beyond just avoiding single use plastic. We believe that people are ready to have a more sophisticated conversation about plastic – to understand what we need to do to consume the material in a sustainable way while reinforcing the unsustainable applications that we must avoid.

Using the hashtag #realisticplastic, we’re asking, “Are you having the right conversation about plastic?” and talking about the practical applications of plastic in healthcare, manufacturing and more, through a series of films, awareness visuals and educational assets.

1) #realisticplastic infographic

Confused about which plastics you should avoid? Download our handy infographic perfect for use in the office, school or at home.

2) Plastic waste recovery hierarchy

Download our plastic waste recovery hierarchy PDF or read our article to find out how you can manage plastic in your life.

plastic waste hierarchy


3) Plastic free lunch

Looking to start your plastic free journey with a simple exercise that anyone can do? Use our plastic free lunch toolkit as a guide. Download the PDF here .

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