Sustainability tips for outdoor events


January 30, 2018


Put your sustainability efforts to waste while you’re enjoying the outdoors this summer:

Gear that will go the difference

Every year thousands of tents, mattresses, eskies and other camping equipment end up in landfill because one-time campers abandon their kit when they’re done. Festivals and camping are some of the great joys of the Australian summer but remember it’s your responsibility to leave no waste behind. Buy to last, borrow or hire your equipment to ensure it doesn’t end up littered across our beautiful parks and beaches.

Set up recycling and waste stations

Make recycling easy for guests and fellow campers by setting up recycling stations around your campsite or picnic area. When everything’s over, simply transfer the waste and recycling into the correct bin.

Say no to plastic

Put reusable utensils on the shopping list and say goodbye to single-use flimsy plastics. Hard plastic plates such as those found in the Clean Up Australia picnic set are reusable and practical while being extremely lightweight.

And don’t stop at switching out your paper and plastic cups – ditch those plastic bottles too. Invest in a drink bottle that you won’t want to live without, like insulated aluminium, filtered or even a refreezable ice compartment to keep your drink cold all day.

The true cost of water

Reduce #pointlessplastic at all costs

If you’re preparing food for your event, shop at the market and focus on food that is in season. Fruits and vegetables already come in nature’s wrapping and you can bring your own bags to reduce the plastic factor even further.

Suggest that guests bring their own reusable food containers or green bags to prevent waste – and so they can take home some of the delicious leftovers!

Join us and Clean Up Australia today to make a sustainable future possible.