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Don’t open your café before reading these 7 tips

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May 16, 2019


There are plenty of guides about what you need to do before opening a café or restaurant, but don’t miss this key step in your planning – waste management. And it’s not just whether you can recycle single-use coffee cups.

Here’s your checklist to get your business waste-ready:

Tip 1: Choose the right service provider early

A waste provider who can service all your business’s waste needs means one account manager, one invoice and consistent, reliable service. You shouldn’t need to worry about whether your grease traps are compliant, the bins are going to overflow or where your recycling is going.

Cleanaway offers a total waste management solution that can help cafes and restaurants focus on running their businesses without worrying about their waste.

Tip 2: Don’t get trapped with your traps

Regular grease trap maintenance is required by law to prevent grease, oil and solids from leaking into the sewerage system. How often your grease trap needs to be cleaned will be dependent on several factors, including:

  • The size and location of your grease trap
  • Grease removal volume
  • Grease trap type

It is recommended to service your grease traps about two to six times annually, depending on the size of your business. Learn more about grease traps maintenance or book a service with us here.

Tip 3: Stop wasting food

Food waste is one of the heaviest components in a general waste bin. Simply recycling your organic waste can reduce the weight and cost of your general waste bin and improve your sustainability rates dramatically, as this café in Adelaide discovered.

Food and organic waste recycling services can turn the waste into beneficial soil conditioners and mulch, creating a true organic closed loop.

Tip 4: Let your recyclables mingle

Glass bottles, newspapers, metal tins and other recyclables can go into a commingled recycling service. A commingled bin makes it easy for your café and restaurant to recycle – just remember to place them dry and loose in the bin.

Hint: Keep these contaminants out of your bin (unless otherwise instructed by your waste management provider).

Are you in NSW or Queensland? Ask us about dedicated containers services to benefit from the refund schemes in those states.

Tip 5: Is your bathroom clean?

The bathroom gets heavy foot traffic in any establishment so it’s important to keep customers comfortable with well-maintained facilities.

From sanitary bin systems to soap dispensers and air freshener services, toilet seat and washroom treatments and hand dryers, Cleanaway’s bathroom hygiene solutions are designed to improve and enhance any washroom environment.

Tip 6: Minimise general waste

We can help you save money by minimising the weight of your general waste bin and recovering more materials for recycling – and we’ll collect the rest.

Tip 7: Get a provider who can do it all

Selecting a single provider for your waste management gives you a single point of contact to manage all your waste and cleaning requirements, allowing you to focus on doing what you do best – running your café and restaurant.

Contact us today to learn more about our waste management solutions for the Food and Beverage sector.