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On the road with Anthony Berge

Our People

March 29, 2019

Tags: Drivers, Trucks

anthony berge

Meet Anthony Berge, our front-lift driver based in Clayton, Victoria. Anthony started working for Cleanaway in March 1989 and has had a fair share of interesting experiences in his three decades of working with us.

“I have seen rats running along the false roof, redback spiders dangling along the driver’s side window, huge huntsman spiders covering my hopper camera and been stung by bees a few times with the window down,” Anthony reminisced. “I have also found syringes in the sump, as well as live bullets, various coins – and the adventure still continues.”

Anthony is passionate about waste management and is also an avid aviation, fitness, camping and lapidary enthusiast, among other things. He even has his own private pilot’s license!

Before Anthony started working in the waste industry, he completed a Certificate of Applied Social Science in Child Care. In other words, Anthony is a qualified preschool mothercraft nurse. He started driving to fill his time while earning an income until a job in the childcare industry became available.

“Thirty years later, I’m still driving because truck drivers make more money. They shouldn’t make any less, but childcare workers should make more,” said Anthony. Anthony is just one of the many dedicated men and women who make up our workforce, committed to making a sustainable future possible for communities across Australia.

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