Make your break sustainable over the April long weekends


March 28, 2017


Updated 17 April 2019

April is going to be a great month for getting out and about with several public holidays and long weekends to enjoy the last of the summer warmth.

Whether you’re going camping, hosting a picnic or just eating a lot of chocolate, here’s a few tips for how to it sustainably:

1. Did you know the foil from your chocolate eggs is 100% recyclable? Loose foil is too small to be captured at the recycling centre, so scrunch the foil wrapping into a large ball and place in the recycling bin. Find out more here.

2. Do you celebrate Easter? If you’re hosting a party or going to an Easter parade, you can make your own hand-painted eggs with help from the kids, or bake Easter treats instead of purchasing them.

3. Gift your eggs in responsibly packaging. Get creative by recycling egg cartons, and you could even make your own gifts with chocolate moulds, and decorate them with 100s and 1000s.

4. Whether you like your hot cross buns with chocolate or fruit, the plastic wrapping is recyclable. Simply take the plastic bag to any participating supermarket and put it in the specially marked bins along with all your soft plastics for recycling. Did you know that plastic bags are 100% recyclable when disposed of correctly?

5. Help out the team at the recycling facility by flattening cardboard boxes before placing in the recycling bin. Cardboard packaging with clear plastic windows can go in to the recycling bin too. Watch this film to find out how to avoid your recycling efforts going to waste.

6. Hosting a picnic? Food scraps can be composted and in many councils placed in your green organics bin.

7. With many people taking the opportunity to go camping during the break, public bins can fill up fast. Don’t let your recycling efforts go to waste by taking your rubbish away with you to put in the correct bins.

8. Still unsure which waste goes where? Download our Simply 5 guide to recycling for easy tips on what goes in and out of the recycling bin.

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