Getting the Kowanyama community back on the road


April 9, 2018

Tags: Trucks

Kowanyama is a remote Indigenous community located more than 600km north-west of Cairns. The community has a population of approximately 1,200 people, with more than 90% identifying as Indigenous. Kowanyama is accessible by road for up to five months a year and only during the dry season.

The Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council needed to replace their 12-year-old side lift vehicle that was in disrepair. Despite the best efforts of local mechanics to keep the vehicle functioning, it was more often in the workshop than on the road. With the significant downtime and costly repairs, maintaining the vehicle was no longer a viable option.

Jacqui Cresswell, the Council’s Grants & Business Development Manager contacted Cleanaway for support after an unsuccessful bid to acquire funding for the purchase of a new vehicle.

Cleanaway reviewed our current fleet and identified a side lift vehicle that met Kowanyama Council’s needs. After a full service and upgrade, our Noosa team donated an Iveco side lift vehicle that was suitable for the challenging terrain it would be operating in.

Delivery of truck to Kowanyama Shire

Cleanaway’s Acting Business Unit Sales Manager in Queensland, Neil Perry, was pleased to be given the opportunity to support the council, “We see this as an example of how we’re delivering on our Reconciliation Action Plan, and honouring our commitment to make a sustainable future possible for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities such as Kowanyama.”

Jacqui also expressed appreciation to Cleanaway on behalf of the Council’s drivers, who found the new vehicle to be an enjoyable drive and easy to operate, without the hassle of frequent breakdowns.

Visit our Sustainable Future hub to learn more about what Reconciliation means to Cleanaway and to read our Reconciliation Action Plan.