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Cleanaway Liquids - making a difference for people with disabilities


September 20, 2018


Cleanaway’s WA Liquids team recently supported not-for-profit organisation, Kira Community Services, by repurposing and donating reusable products that were otherwise destined for disposal.

Simon Stevenson, WA Liquids Regional Manager (pictured above, left) said, “It is a great chance to align two important values for our team – sustainability and supporting the community. At Cleanaway, we’re always looking for opportunities to not only lead the way with sustainable waste management practices but to also make a positive difference in society. We are proud to help a great organisation like Kira with their great work providing support services to people with disabilities”.

Kira Community Services’ CEO, John Macdonald (pictured above, right)  welcomed the initiative and said, “We are really appreciative of this wonderful offer from Cleanaway and the donated products will go to great use for Kira and its members. It’s really nice to see a large business like Cleanaway providing support to the community”.

Established in 1991, Kira was created by a group of parents who had children with disabilities.

Their goal is to improve the lives of people living with disability by providing the social opportunities and real-life experiences that existing disability services were unable or unwilling to provide.

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