Join Business Clean Up Day


December 12, 2017


Updated 8 February 2019

Is your business looking for a way to come together and support the community? In 2019, Business Clean Up Day takes place on 26 February, and is a great opportunity to build sustainability into your team.

Why participate in Business Clean Up Day?

    • Support your local community
      Joining a Business Clean Up Day demonstrates your business’ commitment to your local environment and the community.
    • Promote team work and team building
      Two hours spent doing a Business Clean Up is a great way to break down silos, get out of the office and improve cooperation between teams. Not to mention it’s an excellent photo opportunity and the group will be really proud of what they’ve achieved.
    • Make corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals a reality
      Defined corporate social responsibility goals are an important part of how your customers and stakeholders engage with your business. Demonstrate your commitment to giving back with a Business Clean Up event.

How do I participate in Business Clean Up Day?

First, register on the Clean Up Australia page here. Then pick how you’d like to get involved:

    • Clean a community location
      Choose a littered location that needs attention. Get your staff and team involved in the Clean Up. You can also invite the community to participate in your Business Clean Up Day efforts.
    • (Sustainability) change starts at home
      Organise your clean-up for your office or business park. Or, introduce three new initiatives to improve your environmental impact. Here are some ideas if you need inspiration.
    • Become a Business Supporter
      Partner with Clean Up Australia and enjoy a host of branding benefits whilst supporting the fight against litter. This option is particularly attractive for businesses with multiple branches.

Cleanaway are proud to be national partner of Clean Up Australia. Sign up for Clean Up and join us in making a sustainable future possible.