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The women who drive our business: Meet Heather and Maria

Our People

March 9, 2018


In our final International Women’s Day 2018 article, we meet Heather and Maria, who drive our sales through exceptional customer service and a keen eye for data. Read part one here and part two here.

Excellence in the workplace and at home

Name: Heather Reynolds
Role: Sales Coordinator
Location: SA/NT

Heather joined Cleanaway eight years ago as a Sales Administrator in Adelaide and immediately felt at home in a team driven by sales and customer service. In 2010, Heather was working with five account managers, and eight years on, there’s not much that remains the same.

Today, Heather’s range of stakeholders includes key account managers, sales reps in the Northern Territory, as well as Telesales and Customer Care. There’s still a lot of reporting but now it’s not just sales results.

“It’s always really satisfying to see the waste diversion achievements highlighted in the customer waste reports. Especially when you can see where a customer was 12 months ago, and how far they come after implementing a particular solution – it’s really impressive.”

Whether it’s tracking a customer’s progress or supporting the Sales team with different reports as the focus of the business evolves, Heather loves getting stuck into the data.

“I don’t mind when they request a different report, because it always sheds new light on the data. It’s amazing what you can find out.”

This customer service focus is one of the things that keeps things interesting. “I love discussing options and solutions with our customers, and our reps. One time we had a problem with a customer who was putting horse manure in their general waste bin. We recommended an organics service. It was such an easy solution, but it made a big difference.”

For Heather, it’s all about balance. Family is number one so she appreciates that her role allows her to keep regular hours and spend time at home. “It can get busy trying to keep up with all the reporting, while supporting so many teams, but it’s great to feel valued. People come to me because they know I can help.”

“The one thing I wish people knew about Cleanaway is the potential for waste recovery and what’s involved in delivering a total solution.”

Bridging worlds, breaking boundaries

Name: Maria Nangoy
Role: Sales Business Analyst
Location: Malaga

Meet Maria, the highly motivated, problem solving Sales Business Analyst based in Malaga, WA.

Maria was 16 when she and her family moved from Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia, to Perth. Maria said it was a big change initially, especially with the language barrier and cultural differences; however, she now feels more at home than ever. Living in Perth, she completed a Bachelor of Commerce and followed it with a Master of Professional Accounting.

Maria has been working in analytical roles since 2009 and has been with Cleanaway since November 2016. She discovered that compared to her previous roles, Cleanaway has a high level of professionalism and that she has grown a lot both personally and professionally since joining the company.

Maria really enjoys being a part of Cleanaway, where she has the resources and support to get behind business initiatives and make a difference. She looks forward to working with her team every day, “We pick each other up and go through the ups and downs together. There is always someone who understands and support me,” she says of her colleagues.

Although Maria enjoys being a part of her team, there can be challenges as a female working in a male-dominated workforce. She finds that she can relate more to her female colleagues, as they all face the same issues and often have the same mindset.

Maria sees International Women’s Day as a fantastic opportunity to celebrate females and the positive differences they are making in the workforce. She sees men and women as equals, with everyone bringing a different perspective. Maria believes that by nature, women can sometimes be very nurturing people who tend to take care of others, and this is an asset in the workplace.