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How to use high pressure water for industrial cleaning

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October 2, 2018


Water blasting, also known as hydro blasting, is a cleaning technique that removes dirt, scale, and other unwanted materials from surfaces and is typically used in sewers, drains, tanks, marine vessels, bridges, buildings, and manufacturing plant facilities.

How does high pressure water blasting work

A pressurised stream of water produced through a specially designed nozzle is targeted at undesired coating, residue and dirt build-ups even in hard-to-reach places. The water pressure is scalable to allow for different levels of abrasiveness, with water pressure capabilities reaching up to 36,000 psi / 2,482 bar. Psi or pounds per square inch is a common unit of pressure used in many different industrial measuring applications such as tyre pressure, fuel storage and waste water management.

Why high pressure water blasting

Dry blasting techniques using abrasive materials such coal slag, smelter slag and sand can be damaging to people and the environment. Sand has a high breakdown rate which results in substantial dust generation while coal and smelter slags are known to release hazardous contaminants that pollute the air.

By combining water and air pressure, water blasting minimises fatigue on the surface being cleaned and leaves little to no environmental impact, as no additives or abrasives are used. This keeps the equipment clean while optimising operating conditions, which reduces asset downtime.

High pressure water blasting in action

Porters Creek’s spillway hydro blasting

Our Toxfree team provided a water blasting service for Shoalhaven Council for an area spanning over 1000 m2 at Porters Creek Dam, 20 minutes inland from the NSW Coastal town of Ulladulla. The goal was to lightly scabble the entire spillway surface using our 2500 bar High Pressure Water Blasting Unit as part of a structure strengthening project. Using a hand gun from an on-site 40-metre straight boom, the task was completed safely, on time and to the Council’s specification.

Removing damaged concrete off Peninsula Link’s retaining wall

A retaining wall in the Peninsula Link, Victoria, was damaged, causing a honeycomb effect that required concrete to be re-poured around 650 securing bolts and plates. Despite a tight deadline, the Toxfree team stepped in with two high pressure water blasting units and exposed an area 200 mm by 100 mm deep in the wall. All bolts and plates were exposed without damaging any of the surrounding walls.

Underwater high pressure water blasting in the Bass Strait

Unmanned platforms that were once oil wells still stand five hours off Lakes Entrance in the Bass Strait. Our team was called upon to maintain the ‘Perch’ and ‘Dolphin’ platforms in good condition and prevent it from becoming a hazard in the ocean.

We provided robot-guided high pressure water blasting on a 2-metre long underwater pipe found to be covered in calcium build-up. Guided by a camera, the robot identified the section that needed blasting. We combined the underwater water blasting with a garnet, creating an abrasive solution that can cut into the build-up. The abrasive water was used on the pipe in a criss-crossing motion to break up the calcium. After additional high pressure blasting to remove calcium chunks, the smooth pipe underneath was revealed.

Upon completion, weak areas on the pipe section were identified and repaired to avoid hazards.

Why use Cleanaway’s water blasting service

Cleanaway has a comprehensive range of high pressure water and abrasive cleaning services to meet the requirements of any industrial application.

General high pressure water cleaning

Cleanaway is the leader in commercial high pressure cleaning services, servicing Australia’s top oil and gas, mining and construction firms, as well as government agencies and municipal councils engaged in a broad range of activities.

Shutdown cleaning

Water blasting can boost shutdown maintenance cleaning, ensuring it is performed on time, within budget and with minimal disruption. Industries that can benefit from this service include furniture manufacturers, chemical plants, automotive factories, defense facilities and large food manufacturers.

Internal and external hull cleaning

High pressure water blasting can get rid of barnacles and sea plants attached to boat and ship hulls that have been submerged for a long time. It can also help prepare surfaces before new paint or protective coating is applied.

Surface preparation

Many municipal and road management organisations have benefitted from our water blasting services, especially in multi lane freeway shutdown cleaning and bitumen surface preparation for repainting, remarking or resurfacing.

Monument and public facilities

The perfect solution for removal of grime, graffiti and paint from surfaces such as brick, concrete, metal and other common commercial surfaces lies in our water blasting services. We currently service industries such as mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, construction and government utilities.

We can undertake any size high pressure water blasting with our mobile equipment and skilled technicians. All vehicles operate under strict licensing standards that comply with all state and environmental regulations.

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