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Fuelling sustainable schools with Cleanaway Carbon Fund


March 13, 2019

Tags: Schools

In November 2017, Cleanaway launched our Carbon Fund – a national grants program to support communities in implementing carbon reduction solutions.

Overseen by Cleanaway Stakeholder and Community Engagement Manager Olga Ghiri, $35,500 from the fund was given to four schools surrounding the Melbourne Regional Landfill.

One year later, here are the carbon reduction initiatives they completed:

Creekside K-9 College, Caroline Springs

The school used the grant for their Be a Planeteer project and installed new solar panels as well as a new composting system. The bins system was also upgraded to improve waste sorting and reduce recycling contamination.

Students at Creekside K-9 College improved recycling rates by purchasing new bins

Kororoit Creek Primary School, Burnside Heights

For their Be Part of the Solution, Not Pollution project, the school brought in new recycling bins and set up a new composting system to support the newly introduced Garden Club. Students also cultivated a new garden of vegetables and herbs in the school yard and proudly sell their produce at a weekly stall.

Students at Kororoit Creek Primary School with their Garden Club

Lakeview Senior College, Caroline Springs

The school used the funds for their with their Lakeview Waste Minimisation Project. The school successfully improved recycling rates of plastics, glass and aluminium streams through an improved bin system and other waste reduction initiatives such as new signage and educational materials to improve waste behaviours in the school community.

Parkwood Green Primary School, Hillside

Within a year, the school constructed their own Breathe Easy Recycle Centre, a recycling enclosure where paper and plastic materials are brought to be sorted. A new concrete slab was laid to support the new enclosure and new bins were purchased for each classroom. The school also established a green team of students as sustainability leaders.


Cleanaway works closely with schools and communities to provide educational programs for better waste management and sustainability habits. Contact us to get started on a sustainable future.