The weirdest things found in skip bins

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November 10, 2017

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Skip bins are designed for disposing of all sorts of waste including garden waste, which can be turned into compost and mulch and even some recyclables when the correct bin is used. It also leads to some pretty interesting finds. Check out some of the weirdest things found in skip bins:

    • Bazookas
      In Queensland, two rocket launchers capable of destroying a tank were found in the Noosa tip. Our Cleanaway team made the discovery when rubbish from the morning’s Noosa-Eumundi Rd industrial area run was being sorted.The police couldn’t be sure if the rocket launchers were still capable of firing, and the rocket launchers would most likely be destroyed along with the other guns collected during the national gun amnesty that ended recently.
    • Whales
      In September, the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council dug up the carcass of a beached whale that had been buried several days before, due to community concerns that the carcass could attract sharks.The 20-tonne carcass posed several challenges; from ground access to removal and finally disposal. In the end, the Council decided to use skip bins to transport the carcass back to the landfill.
    • Antique treasures
      Sometimes what people throw out are really treasures. Old paintings, winning lottery tickets and even Mayan artefacts have been found in skip bins and dumpsters, most tossed during a regular clear-out. While skip bins are popular as a catch-all for uncompactable waste, it may be a good idea to go through the waste itself before throwing it out.
    • Documents and electronics
      Many businesses handle sensitive documents and use a wide range of electronics, which may eventually end up in the skip bin during the end of financial year clear-out. Not only is this a waste of resources, depending on the documents, it could be illegal. Sensitive documents can be disposed of securely with Cleanaway’s secure product destruction service, while electronics can be recycled as e-waste and with individual components reused.In the US, a laptop belonging to Fabrice Tourre, a former Goldman Sachs trader, was found in a dumpster. The laptop contained information about his dealings, leading to his conviction for mortgage-securities fraud.

Skip bins are an essential service for home, office or construction projects so to give your trash the best chance of becoming recycling treasure, check which skip bin is right for you before booking.