Fully electronic waste transport certificates in Victoria

Industry Updates

June 17, 2019


Recently EPA Victoria announced that the transport of prescribed industrial waste within Victoria will go fully electronic by 1 July 2019. This means that any generator of prescribed industrial waste must have the ability to generate electronic waste transport certificates by 1 July 2019. EPA will not accept paper certificates from 1 July 2019, ensuring all certificates are recorded electronically.

EPA is investing $5.5 million to switch to a fully GPS electronic tracking system to improve tracking of production, movement and receipt of prescribed industrial waste. The new system will enable EPA to monitor the movement of waste more quickly and accurately.

This will not impact current customers for which Cleanaway acts as an Accredited Agent. As with the current practice Cleanaway will generate these electronic waste transport certificates as an authorised agent on behalf of the customer.

The transition to electronic submission of waste transport certificates marks the first phase in the implementation of EPA’s new waste tracking tool. It is being released as part of the transition, before the new Environment Protection Amendment Act 2018 that comes into effect on 1 July 2020.

Key steps for those without access to the electronic system

  1. Visit the EPA Interaction Portal
  2. Select the “Create Account” link found below the login fields
  3. Select “Register on behalf of a business” even if you are a sole trader
  4. Follow the steps of entering a business email address, and the verification process

Online training

EPA Victoria has a great video on how to complete electronic waste transport certificates on their Help with your waste transport certificates page.

The Victorian Waste Management Association also conduct a course on EPA Prescribed Industrial Waste.

Cleanaway is committed to working with you to ensure your business gets the best value from our service and expertise. We look forward to supporting our customers and governments to improve the way waste is sustainably managed in our community.

Please contact your account manager to discuss the opportunities available to your business.

For more information about electronic waste transport certificates, visit the EPA Victoria website.