Raising awareness at the Whale Dreamers Festival with Central Coast Council


July 9, 2019


The Cleanaway Central Coast team recently participated in the annual Whale Dreamers Festival at Norah Head Lighthouse. The event aims to bring the community together to raise awareness about the plight of whales and to raise funds for conservation and research projects.

Pictured: An image of the event taken from the top of the lighthouse

Pictured: Michelle Murrell (Cleanaway Somersby Depot – Education Officer), Leesa Hajduk (Cleanaway Somersby Depot – Resource Recovery Officer) and Narelle Peterson (Central Coast Council – Senior Project Officer Waste).

Together with Central Coast Council members Narelle Peterson and Greg Finnigan, Education Officers Michelle Murrell and Leesa Hajduk were on hand to provide information about best recycling practices and how proper waste sorting can prevent contamination. Visitors who completed our recycling survey received sustainable giveaways for participating.

Pictured: A flock of visitors at the Cleanaway booth

Cleanaway Education Officer Michelle Murrell said that visitors to the booth were very engaged with the sustainability message. “The crowd was very interested in recycling, asking lots of questions not just about what can be recycled but about what happens to our recycling and where it all goes,” Michelle said.

To cap off a fun-filled and educational day, four whales were spotted putting on a spectacular show of playing and breaching at the end of the event.

About Whale Dreamers Festival

Whale Dreamers Festival was founded 14 years ago by Colette Baron, Jeannie Lawson, Nikki Freeburn and Roberta Dixon-Valk, four Central Coast activists who were determined to raise funds and public awareness about the dwindling number of East Coast whales.

The event drew 10,000 visitors last year.

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