Cleanaway reaffirms commitment to high standards of environmental compliance

Industry Updates

July 24, 2020


Following the recent media coverage regarding Cleanaway’s operations in New South Wales, we would like to reiterate how seriously we take our obligations in relation to environmental compliance. In addition to our compliance obligations under environmental licences, Cleanaway is committed to protecting the safety of our employees, our customers, and the wider community in the areas where we operate.

Cleanaway operates approximately 70 sites in New South Wales of which 34 are licenced by the EPA. The scope of our operations in New South Wales is broad and includes collection of municipal waste, collection and disposal of commercial and industrial waste streams, collection and processing of medical and liquid waste, operation of various recycling facilities and operation of New South Wales “Return and Earn” container deposit scheme.

Cleanaway is an industry leader in relation to setting standards for environmental compliance. Where issues of non-compliance with EPA licencing requirements have been identified within its operations, Cleanaway addresses those issues quickly, including reporting and ongoing engagement with the EPA in relation to addressing those issues.

Cleanaway’s CEO and Managing Director, Vik Bansal, said “Over recent years Cleanaway has made significant investment in waste processing infrastructure in New South Wales. In particular, the construction of a container processing facility to support the Return and Earn scheme operated in New South Wales, which has enabled the recycling of over 3 billion containers since its inception. We believe that our industry benefits from clear and firm operational regulations. Where instances of non-compliance are identified, our teams work closely with key stakeholders, including the New South Wales EPA to address those issues.”

For further information, contact:
Mark Biddulph, Head of Corporate Affairs, 0499 332 601