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Driving family values at Cleanaway

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March 15, 2019

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When Robbie first started out at Cleanaway 38 years ago, he was following in his father, Klaus’ footsteps who was a Cleanaway driver for 30 years.

Today, Robbie and his two sons – Tristan and Shane – all wear Cleanaway blue, proudly operating our waste collection trucks in Blacktown, NSW.

From left: Shane, Robbie and Tristan.

Tristan joined Cleanaway in March 2016. A year later in May 2017, Shane joined the company as a Runner.

“Seeing my two sons join the same company I’ve been with for the past 38 years, I am both a proud father and team mate. I’ve been making a good living at Cleanaway and have provided well for the family, so it makes perfect sense for them to follow in my footsteps. Cleanaway is a leader in the waste management industry, a great company that fosters close relationships between its people – I’m really proud that my sons and I are part of it.”

Tristan and Robbie currently work together on the Hornsby Council contract completing difficult access, paper and recycling work.

“Tristan recently got his truck licence, so I’ve been spending some time showing him the ropes in our rear lift truck,” Robbie added. “Meanwhile, Shane here is hard at work at the Hills completing kerbside hard waste collections.”

For Robbie, wearing the high-visibility Cleanaway uniform means more than protection against potentially hazardous equipment and chemicals. It has become something of a proud family tradition. To him, the uniform represents a set of values – by working as a team and making safety a priority for each other and the communities in where we operate.

“If you asked me if working in the same company made us closer as a family, I’d say that we were already close to begin with,” Robbie said. “Unlike other families, we’d talk about work even when we’re chilling out together. We enjoy our time at work so there are lots of things to talk about.”

When asked if there were memorable experiences working with his sons, Robbie chuckled. “Every day is memorable when you spend time with loved ones. But I do wish my father was still here – he would be really proud to see us in our Cleanaway uniforms. My father, Klaus Buhrer, was a Cleanaway driver for 30 years before he retired and passed away in 2014.”

A typical day for the father-and-sons team begins early in the morning and includes suiting up in their custom-made Cleanaway uniforms.

Working with huge industrial trucks every day, it is important for Robbie and his boys to be able to focus on the job at hand without having to worry about safety risks.

“It is important for us to know that the whole team are safe while we work, because we are more than just colleagues – we are family.”

With a footprint of over 5,500 highly trained staff, supported by a fleet of 4,000 specialist vehicles across 250 locations, Cleanaway is Australia’s leading total waste management services company committed to the safety of the communities in which we operate.

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Thank you to Deane, Cleanaway’s uniform provider, who took these fantastic photos of Robbie, Tristan and Shane for their recent campaign.