Celebrating Indigenous culture with Dance Rites 2018

Our People

December 5, 2018

Tags: RAP

Dance Rites is Australia’s national Indigenous dance competition which aims to ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island cultural knowledge is shared from one generation to the next.

Sydney Opera House’s Forecourt hosted this year’s celebration, which drew 300 performers from across the country including Tasmania, Far North Queensland, Victoria and Thursday Island.

Acts on the program included 2017 Dance Rites winners Kulgoodah Dancers, ALLKUMO Malpa Paman Dancers, Muggera Dancers and from New Zealand, collective Te Rua Mauri.

Westley Trist, one of our Cleanaway volunteers at Dance Rites, was assigned to assist the dance group, Nunukul Yuggera. The internationally acclaimed traditional custodians of the Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan Regions, Stradbroke and Moreton Bay Islands and the Gold Coast, won the $20,000 top prize.

“I am grateful to be given the opportunity to assist the Nunukul Yuggera dance troupe. It’s an amazing day with many proud First Nations people travelling from all over the country to perform.” said Westley.

Cleanaway NSW is a proud sponsor of Dance Rites 2018. We endorse the vision of a nation which values Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage, culture and peoples and recognise their unique position as the original custodians of Australia.

For more information, read our Reconciliation Action Plan.