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Five things you should know before choosing your waste services

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March 27, 2019


A great waste management provider does more than just empty your bins. They’re a service and material expert. From coordinating the right schedule for your business and budget to recommending a set-up that minimises waste production and maximises recovery – your waste management provider should be looking for solutions that increase sustainability from the supply chain to design, manufacturing and disposal.

Here’s what you should be looking for:

  1. One-stop-shop for all waste solutions
    Keeping track of multiple waste management providers for individual waste streams can be exhausting and you’re unlikely to get the best price on any one service. General waste, recycling and grease trap servicing, bathroom and hygiene and even specialised waste disposal for hazardous or medical waste – hire a waste management provider who can do the lot with one account manager, one invoice, and consistent, reliable services.
  2. Transparency from collection to recovery
    Do you know where your waste is going? These days waste producers have an obligation to make sure their waste is being disposed of appropriately and some waste types even need to be tracked through transportation, treatment and disposal. For peace of mind, make sure you’re working with a reputable waste provider that would be trust to do the right thing by the environment and your business.
  3. Regular waste audits
    Waste audits are key to unlocking efficiencies and diversion opportunities for your business. A waste audit can identify your volume and hard to manage waste materials to reduce the weight and cost of your general waste bin, recommend improved bin types and sizes and sometimes even improve the saleability of your merchandise.
  4. Education and training
    Sometimes the trick to being more sustainable is simply learning how to use your services correctly. For businesses with a large number of employees or high turnover it can be hard to embed good recycling behaviours. Cleanaway customers are supported by our industry-leading sustainability and recycling programs including our online education portal, Greenius; instructional bin signage and targeted videos.
  5. Fair and flexible contracts
    Cleanaway’s updated service agreements for SMEs were written with choice and flexibility in mind. There’ll be no surprises because we work with you to determine the right service level and pricing for your business while providing transparency on obligations and market updates.
  6. Blue sky thinking with true blue action
    We are constantly finding new ways to transform the collected waste into new products, from re-refining used lube oil to transforming grease trap waste into new raw material and material and recovering construction and demolition and dry commercial and industrial waste to produce Process Engineered Fuel (PEF). Cleanaway has the scale and expertise to invest in real sustainability solutions but with local teams who live in the communities where they work.

Cleanaway offers a complete range of solutions for all your waste management needs. More than just a service provider, we partner with Australian businesses and communities to create and deliver custom solutions for all your sustainability goals.

Tasmania, you now have a choice. 

For the first time, Cleanaway is proud to provide the people of Tasmania with the option to work with Australia’s leading waste management provider.

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