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Central Park Mall landfill diversion


August 25, 2017


Central Park Mall started their sustainable journey with a commingled and cardboard recycling service. However, that was not enough. The shopping centre contacted Cleanaway looking for new and innovative ways to educate retailers and optimise recycling rates.

Cleanaway conducted an initial assessment and immediately found a new waste stream that could be diverted from landfill; food waste. This is one of the most under-recycled waste streams, comprising pre- and post-plate food waste. Central Park Mall was sending approximately 450 tonnes to the landfill annually.

Cleanaway worked together with Central Park Mall to implement a food organics recycling system. This was complemented with regular retailer education sessions, focusing on better recycling practices. Central Park Mall also took the additional initiative to freshly paint the bin bays to match the bins’ lids, making it easier for tenants and the cleaning staff to put waste in the right place.

A simple can crusher was also recommended. The machine allows oversized metal and plastic containers such as oil drums to be recycled. In addition, plastic film recycling was also introduced, with the potential to divert around 20 tonnes of material from the landfill annually.

Working with Cleanaway, Central Park Mall increased their recycling rates from 28% to 56% annually with these measures. Their retail tenants also now have access to a full suite of recycling services, ranging from plastic film to food waste and much more.

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