Helping Cecil Hills Primary School raise funds


April 8, 2019

Tags: Schools

Cecil Hills Primary School recently collected bottles and cans to raise money for their support unit class to go on valuable life skills excursions. NSW’s Return and Earn container deposit scheme was the perfect fundraising initiative to engage students in a sustainability activity, while doing something for their peers.

The container drive raised several thousand dollars with students participating enthusiastically – including competing for a party for the class that brought in the most containers. Teachers filled a whole trailer with containers before bringing it to their local Cleanaway Automated Depot for processing and payment.

“We chose to fundraise using the container drive as there are so many associated learning benefits for the students. Understanding the environment benefits of reducing litter, recycling and making money to aid our school community is brilliant. The life skills students learn through the program are also invaluable,” said Paul Matten, Deputy Principal of Cecil Hills Primary School.

Cecil Hills primary school students visit Container Sorting Facility NSW

The school’s support unit students were then invited to visit Cleanaway’s Eastern Creek Container Sorting Facility. They received a special lesson delivered by Cleanaway’s Education Team and toured the New South Wales hub of the container deposit scheme. Following the program’s success, the school will now be fundraising using Return and Earn for the whole of Term 4.

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