Improving sustainability while reducing costs

Resource Recovery

January 5, 2018

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Argo in Adelaide serves nutritionally-dense food to the community and is committed to waste reduction and sustainability. In 2015 however, they were diverting less than 20% of their café’s waste from landfill, and approached Cleanaway to improve their sustainability rates.

Cleanaway worked with Argo and its staff to customise an organics recycling service for the café. By diverting organics from the general waste stream, Argo increased their landfill diversion rates from 19.3% to 70% in just 2 months. The collected food and kitchen waste was recycled into high-quality compost and mulch, benefitting South Australian gardens and agricultural lands.

Further examination revealed Argo could recycle much more. Glass, food tins and other recoverable items were identified as recyclable through Cleanaway’s commingled recycling service, improving the landfill diversion rate up to 80%.

Argo owner Daniel Milky with used coffee grinds ready for recycling
Argo owner Daniel Milky with used coffee grinds ready for recycling

Argo’s staff also began compacting their cardboard boxes before disposal, resulting in fewer but fuller collections. This lowered costs and traffic congestion around Argo Café Adelaide by ensuring Cleanaway was only collecting full bins every time.

The café has looked beyond their waste bins to increase sustainability rates by implementing alternative procurement practices, such as:

  • Buying in bulk from local farmers to reduce costs and environmental impact
  • Working with suppliers to minimise packaging
  • Using reusable metal straws in the café and compostable takeaway packaging instead of single-use plastics
  • Considering food waste reduction when creating new menu items

Argo Café Adelaide’s efforts can be a source of inspiration for restaurant and kitchen services with similar sustainability goals. With landfill levies increasing in South Australia until 2020, it makes good business sense to reduce general waste by recycling with commingled and organic services. Find out more about how integrating sustainability into your business’ DNA is good for more than just the environment – it’s good for your business.

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