David Mccarron: My time in the army

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April 24, 2019

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David Mccarron, Territory Sales Manager for Cleanaway’s Solid Waste Services in QLD served six years under the 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, first as a Private and then as an Infantry Section Commander.

“There were many great moments, probably the best times of my life was during my days in the army.” David says. “I thoroughly enjoyed the courses I underwent: explosives, rope and rappelling, reconnaissance, corporal courses and many more. My adventures brought me on overseas tours to Malaysia and Hawaii.”

For David, the most memorable moments of his service career occurred during his tour at the Butterworth Air Base in Malaysia.

David Mccarron

“I do remember the time we were doing a live fire exercise in Malaysia. We had a new lieutenant just joined, still fresh out of cadet school. One day, we were in a gun pit and I threw an M26 grenade. I shouted “GRENADE!” and everyone laid flat on the ground except for this young lieutenant who got hit in the face by shrapnel. We medevac-ed (evacuated to the hospital in a helicopter) him out to get immediate medical attention. I will never forget this incident for as long as I live.”

David has been with Cleanaway for five years and he believes that serving in the army helped him cultivate good discipline, team work and leadership skills which he applies not only in his work but also his personal life.

“I love fishing. I get out on the water at every chance.” David said. “I also fly RC model helicopters and planes at our local club, moonlight as an instructor and am currently certified by CASA-Civil Aviation Authority.”

This year, David will be travelling to Undara, five hours west of Cairns to commemorate Anzac Day at the Dawn Service with some of his best mates.

David calls upon all Australians to stop and reflect on all the past, present and future servicemen and women who are doing our nation proud.

“Anzac Day means sacrifice, courage and gratitude for those who have given their lives so we can have freedom in this great land we call Australia. It is the commemoration of all brave men and women who have served our great nation in all wars and campaigns.”

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