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A sustainable future for refugees starts with recycling lessons

Communities - Partnerships

July 18, 2019


Recently, Cleanaway teamed up with Murray Valley Sanctuary Group (MVSRG) to conduct a recycling education session for Congolese refugees residing in the Albury/Wodonga region.

Led by Asanki Fernando, the education team introduced participants to the three-bin recycling system by demonstrating how to use the organic, recycling and general waste bins, and providing instructions for what does and does not belong in each bin.

The team also explained how waste free meals and reusable products can decrease the amount of waste produced in everyday life.

It was an especially memorable occasion for Cleanaway’s own organic sorter, Albert Kotongo, as he had the opportunity to speak in front of his community to explain what happens to the organic waste that comes through the conveyor belt and the types of contamination he sees daily as part of his job.

Albert’s presentation was very well received as he was able to speak and explain in his native language of Swahili which all the attendees understood.

The session was organised by Murray Valley Sanctuary Group (MVSRG), which was formed in 2005 to assist refugees on humanitarian visas to settle in Albury/Wodonga. MVSRG provides support and advocacy, enabling new arrivals to achieve independence and integration. This is done fairly, respecting the dignity and privacy of those needing assistance. MVSRG aims to be “A Centre for Excellence in Refugee Settlement” in the Albury/Wodonga region.

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