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35 years with David Collins

Our People

June 7, 2019


Meet Albury/Wodonga Branch Manager David Collins who recently celebrated his 35th year with Cleanaway.

David started his career as an apprentice mechanic, which was a natural choice given his childhood passion for trucks. “As a young boy, I learned all about mechanics through my brother who’s a big fan of trucks. It also helped that there was plenty to learn about machinery on our family farm,” he said.

“A lot of it was on the job training instead of in a classroom. We learnt to diagnose faults by sound and feel. This training has been beneficial in my Cleanaway career in terms of ensuring safety and preventative maintenance is adhered to.”

David’s skills led him to his current position – rising the ranks from Mechanic to Supervisor, then Operations Manager to Branch Manager.

“The role of a Branch Manager is to oversee the depot and ensure full compliance concerning safety, employee engagement and training. I also liaise with our sales department to grow our clientele and work with our council stakeholders whom we have six municipal contracts with,” he explained.

David is proud of the Cleanaway Albury/Wodonga site – a one-stop waste management hub with the capacity to process up to 2,700 tonnes of material a month.

“Where I work, we have 35 front lift, rear lift, hook lift and side lift trucks along with several pieces of yellow gear. We operate an Organics Bulk Up Facility (BUF) where food and organics from green bins are shredded, a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) which processes the recyclables collected from yellow bins as well as the Liquid Treatment Plant which processes grease trap and triple interceptors for our customers,” David said.

David is particularly passionate about his work at the Albury MRF and how it helps turn glass recycled from kerbside bins into road base.

When asked about his most memorable experience working with Cleanaway, David had this to share:

“I was involved in the first Mobile Garbage Bin (MGB) rollout moving from the old garbage tins to wheelie bins in 1983 and the successful tender of the first SOLO one arm bandit trucks in North East Shires in 1986 (the very first in Australia) followed by winning the Albury City Council Contract in 1991,” he said. “I also recall a pivotal milestone in 2012 where we acquired back to back 12-year contracts with five of the six local councils we currently service.”

Outside of work, David loves restoring classic Holden cars and motorcycles, as well as helping neighbours and friends with farm hand work and mechanical repairs. He believes that anyone can be successful in life with the right mindset. “Be passionate about something and stick with it, follow through and take opportunities when they arise.”

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